Wellness Plans Make Pet Care Affordable

Wellness Plans

I have looked at a few wellness plans and programs from other hospitals and wasn’t exactly happy with them. Most started at around $20,  and went up,  with various options.   So I am simplifying and writing my own.   A lot of people have budget billing for their utility bill- the same payments are spread out in a set amount each month.   This is sort of the same thing- it’s just your pet’s care broken down into a budget friendly amount each month.

Why?  I’ve noticed that patients are sometimes way behind on their checkups, or heartworm medication.  We all have bills pop up unexpectedly from time to time-  washing machine breaks, alternator goes out on the car, etc.  And Fifi or Fido find themselves doing without for a few months.  This might be a bigger problem for a retired client living off their retirement savings or social security.

It’s more work and bookkeeping for us, true, but if it helps our patients stay up to date on their checkups and medications then it will be worth it.    And it will be peace of mind for clients not having to worry about how to pay for services.

Wellness Plans

Wellness Plans are perfect for Senior Citizens


Affordable and Budget Friendly

There are 2 charges involved.  A $50 enrollment fee/pet.  That is for life as long as the pet stays on the plan.   And then a monthly, budget-friendly fee, based on what services you want to add to your basic plan.  You might want just the basic.  If you have a long-haired dog, you might want a body clip in the summer.  You might want to add extra nail trims to help keep your cat from destroying your furniture.  , , boarding, baths- you can add it.

For puppies and kittens enrolling in the program, a spay or neuter would be   Heartworm and flea and tick medication can be added as well.

I have seen other plans for older dogs, with a higher monthly fee covering services like radiographs, labwork, and dentals.. And while they can be added to a preventive care wellness plan,  I think it would also be wise to look into a pet insurance plan.  An insurance plan would cover diagnostics and treatment if your pet requires a medical workup at a referral center or Teaching Hospital.

I feel that it will be confusing and a little overwhelming to go into great detail here, as your plan is customized to your pet’s care needs.   If this sounds like something you might be interested in, I invite you to call the office and schedule an appointment, to let us show you how it works, or ask about it the next time your pet is in for a visit.