Vet Marketing Labs started off as a website/ blog project back somewhere around 2013.  As a way to dive into the question of “So, where did my clients, especially spay and neuter clients, go?”  They were here, and now they aren’t. 

The second part of the Bayer Veterinary Care Study was published in 2014 and it answered some of the questions. The economy. Competition. Fragmentation. 

However, the bigger, more important question was “So if all this is happening, what is one supposed to do about it?” And if I am experiencing it, are others too?”  Turns out they were. But not everyone. And not every location. 

Dr. Andy Mathis

Dr. Andy Mathis

In February  2016, I inadvertently became the poster boy for compassionate veterinary care with a good samaritan case by the name of Graycie Claire. I got tons of messages and emails that all said the same thing-  we need more vets like you.  Which left me scratching my head and wondering, “I am like the veterinarian that is 5 minutes from your house. Why do you (the general public) think otherwise?”

Here’s what I know now.

Veterinary Medicine, as a profession has an image problem. Veterinarians are thought of as “greedy bastards” who “only care about money.”    If you didn’t know this already, I challenge you to spend 5 minutes on the social media pages of animal rescues. 

I crashed this site last year, and have been slowly putting it back together with a plan of how it can better help you as a veterinarian to help your patients. Better patient care and compliance. Higher professional satisfaction and a sense of purpose. A better work/life balance leading to practice vet medicine with enthusiasm rather than anxiety, depression, and burnout. 

 The solution?  A digital online community for veterinarians.  Hosted over on Mighty Networks. It’s free to join if you are wondering, and there is more info on the landing page.  Click the image or the link below to head over to the Vet Marketing Labs community. 

Marketing Veterinary Services

Click the image above to go over to the Vet Marketing Labs community.


Real quick- Who is it for? Veterinarians.
As veterinarians, especially solo practice owners in GP, you wear many hats- owner, practice manager, veterinarian, marketing person.  And I know, that when things get busy, that marketing hat gets pushed to the back burner.

As a Veterinarian /Practice Owner- Do you want more income? More revenue and profit to cover overhead and salaries? Less anxiety dealing with clients and patients? Smarter marketing can do that.  Recent graduate- Do you want more income to pay off your student loan debt? Marketing can do that.


What is concerning to most people in the Veterinary profession today is an image problem.  Lack of respect for our profession?  Image problem. Lost amongst and having to compete with the vaccine clinics, spay-neuter clinic, animal shelters? Image problem.  Lack of income to offer better salaries? Image problem. Cyberbullying? Image problem. Unrealistic client expectations and demands? Worrying, anxiety, depressed, burnt out? Image and a boundary problem. 

And there is a marketing solution to fix it if it is affecting you. Fix your website, use social media smartly, and build personal relationships with clients so they pick you over the other options out there.

Not sure where to start? I hear ya. If you are feeling stuck, it is likely due to 3 reasons.  

  • Information overload.  
  • Tech overwhelms- especially when trying to navigate between on-line and off-line life.
  • Lack of clarity – you aren’t quite sure what or why you need to do to get the results you desire.  More income. More respect. Less stress.