benevolent veterinary fund – your hospital should have one


Have you considered setting up a benevolent veterinary fund for your veterinary hospital?

(This post was originally published in the Fall of 2015. )

I’ve thought about it over the years but didn’t know how, and didn’t want the hassle of trying to maintain my own 501c3  benevolent veterinary fund. So any charity work tended to come out of pocket, with a few donations here and there from clients.

Just recently I found out how to make this possible through 2 websites without having to do the legal paperwork necessary for my own 501c3 fund.

Veterinary Care Foundation is one site.  $360/year ($30/month) lets you collect tax-deductible donations for those cases that fall within their guidelines.



The second is the Veterinary Care Charitable Fund, through the American Veterinary Medical Foundation, the charity arm of the AVMA, American Veterinary Medical Association.  There is no fee for AVMA members, They do take 8% of the donation for processing fees, paperwork, etc. 

The guidelines are similar in both funds. The VCCF guidelines are-
Charitable care may be provided to those in need including:
• Disabled veterans requiring a service dog
• Low-Income senior citizens
• Good Samaritans who rescue domesticated animals
• Victims of domestic violence

I chose to use the VCCfund,org site.  For someone to donate, they just need to visit the donation page and find my hospital.  It’s named in memory of Jimmy, the dog rescued from the Macon animal shelter a few years ago.  you can find it here. – Jimmy’s Fund.

Why have a benevolent veterinary fund?  I can think of a couple of reasons

  1. There are a lot of animal lovers out there that want to support what veterinarians do, and help pets at the same time. It builds community goodwill.
  2. Sometimes people need just a little help,  not necessarily a handout.
  3. It builds community goodwill.
  4. Some days are slow, and if you can treat a pet for someone in need, then that’s a good thing.
  5. It allows you to treat medical cases from animal shelters. Cases that ordinary rescues might shy away from due to expenses.

Vet Ranch on Youtube is a perfect example. The veterinarians treat injured pets and are supported through donations on their website. Their latest video has over 60,000 views after only being posted one day.