Marketing Veterinary Care


 Besides the VetMedLabs community, below are the ways I can help you improve your clinic marketing.  If you have questions, drop me an email at granitehillsvet at .

 Consultation, Clarity, and Strategy Session

Sometimes you need someone to bounce ideas off of, but not the ongoing support of a coaching program. 

This is an hour long consulting session diving into your clinic marketing.  We’ll look at what is working, not working, what could be improved on, and steps to get there.  Your website, your social media pages, lead generation strategies, videos, and all the tech stuff to make that happen,  etc.

The cost of this session is $250.


 The Mathis Method

The Mathis Method  is a consulting and coaching program where you build your marketing system with guidance. Delivered in a group setting with a private forum for hanging out and asking questions, group zoom calls, and one on one individual sessions.

You don’t have to figure everything out on your own. And you don’t have the hefty up front investment or monthly fees associated with the big marketing elite, accelerator agencies.

Why would you be so pretentious and name a program after yourself, you might ask? 
Well . . .
One  reason . . . .it needed a name. 

Two, it’s my own philosophy and methodology about making my work the center of attention without ME being the center of attention. Which makes my hardcore introverted heart happy.  My Facebook hospital page has 64K followers as proof, and there are a few million views on Youtube. 
and Three. “Awesome Sauce” was already spoken for.

The MM Framework looks like this.  Your Marketing toolkit is what moves people on their Customer Journey. 

Guidance and help is delivered in a private group forum, weekly group zoom calls, and one on one sessions.
It covers everything I know-  from photography, copywriting, web design, branding, marketing strategy, and real life client outreach strategies. They all work together. 

The program is of 6 months duration.
Why 6 months? Some things are quick to implement, and others take time. Like a clinic video- you probably won’t be able to crank and edit that out in a day.  It might take a few days to get the necessary footage you need.  I can help with all the steps. 

This coaching and consulting program is priced at $2400 or 6 payments of $500.

Shoot me an email at granitehillsvet at gmail dot com  if you are interested in this program.  I’ll set aside a few minutes to schedule a call to answer any questions and make sure it’s a good fit for your wants or needs.

 Just the Leads

Just the Leads is a done for you marketing service where I run lead generation ads for your clinic’s veterinary services. I handle everything- the creative, the images, the copy-writing, the ad targeting, the ad spend, etc.

You get the names, email addresses, and phone numbers to follow up with prospective clients. 

These are not unqualified (cheap) leads like you’d get if you were giving away an iphone in a raffle.  

These are pre-qualified, and pre-educated leads that are interested in your offer and/or services. From your local zip code(s).  People that have raised their hand and said, “Yes, I would like more information, please. ” 

These are purchased on a per lead basis.  Probably around $30 each,  (based on what leads cost when testing these out in my local area).   You set your monthly budget. 

If someone was happy with their results, then the service might be available on a monthly retainer basis. You get all the leads generated for 1 monthly fee.