As a Veterinarian, I want to help patients the best I can, to have healthy and happy lives. As a member of the Veterinary profession, I want it to be well too.

You read a lot of grievances about our profession. So it seems that everyone hates their job, their career choice, their co-workers, their life, their _____. Basically everything.┬áThat’s not totally true though. As those that are happy with their profession and life, they aren’t posting so you don’t hear or notice them. But they are there.

Part of the reason that disappointed people are disappointed, is they set really high expectations. Expectations for themselves, their clients, their life. That’s the problem. You can’t be disappointed with clients if you don’t set expectations for them. You can’t be disappointed that you can’t save every patient if you don’t expect yourself to. It takes mental practice though.

It seems to me that many people of our profession expect our challenges and problems to be fixed and corrected by an outside organization, something top level, outside of the trenches, so to speak. Someone to make tuition cheaper, to forgive everyone’s student loans. . . The AVMA, Congress, the President, etc. Someone, somebody, some organization up top. FIx the problem and everyone will then be happy.
It’s not gonna happen like that. If our profession wants to fix its challenges, it’ll have to start at the bottom. The individual person. The individual practice.

I came across this Ted Talk by Mel Robbins from a few years ago. How to get what you want and stop screwing yourself over.