It has been said that Marketing is getting someone who has a need to know, like and trust you. 

Your Know, Like and Trust Factor

Veterinary Medicine is very entertaining to the general public. 

Look at how many people watch Dr. Pol and Dr. Jeff on TV. There are a few other reality shows produced around vet medicine. Look at the views on Youtube that VetRanch gets. So why do so many people NOT choose to support their local veterinarian when it comes to their pet’s care? Why do they trust the groomer/breeder/random stranger on Facebook, etc. more than a veterinarian? 

It turns out, it seems, that don’t trust you.  They don’t know you, they don’t like you, and therefore they don’t trust you. 

Know Like and Trust

Sure, they might choose you by default, depending on their options.  If you are the only vet in town. If Tractor Supply is closed.  If the pound is having a parvo outbreak and is closed for 2 weeks to disinfect everything. 

Is that a good thing? Picking you by default? Do you consider them a client? I know we all feel empathy for our patients, therefore we put up with a lot from abuse of ill-fitting people. I like to think of clients as those that appreciate and support what I do. 

A lot of veterinarians are under the impression that they’d have more clients, more revenue, more profits, less worry, less stress, etc. if there was an organization to take away the options for pet owners through regulations or a public service campaign of tv commercials. “SIck Pet? See a Vet!”

I don’t think the AVMA or any other top-ranking organization can fix our image problem that plagues our profession as a whole. People have to fix it for themselves. Start at the bottom, rather than the top, and the whole profession gets lifted like ships at high tide. 

more clients, more profit, less stress

This is why I say that if you want more clients, more revenue, fewer worries, etc., . . . then work on your know, like and trust factor.  The more that the public knows, likes, and trusts you, they more likely to choose you for their pets care. Regardless of the options available for their pet’s care. 

Know Like and Trust- Bob Burg