It has been said that there are 4 parts to businesses.  Attract prospects to your goods or services. Converting those prospects into clients. Deliver the Goods or Services. Collect the cash. AC/DC. Simple. Just those 4.  And we all get bottlenecks somewhere in that process. Not enough clients? then you have an attraction problem or a conversion problem. Too many clients to work them all in? Then you’ve got a deliverable problem. Find your weakness and fix it.   


Marketing Veterinary Care


Clarity and Clients

Strategy Session to Done for You Services


strategy sessionGet clients to pick you?  Increase your Revenue and Income? while cutting expenses? Gain visibility with social media? Run Facebook ads? Design my website for SEO? Tell if my website is doing it’s job? Craft a marketing strategy that’s the least time consuming and most effective?

Here’s the structure for the HowDo I . . . . Strategy Session. 

  • Schedule a quick minute phone call to explain where you are at, where you think you are stuck, etc. also send me links to your website or the hospital name and location.   I want to see things from the perspective of a potential new client. 
  • I’ll evaluate your website, your web presence, your social media presence, maybe the websites of other area hospitals to pinpoint why you might have a lack of conversions, etc.    
  • Schedule a second phone call, say an hour long, to go over suggestions, and answer any questions you might have about your website, marketing strategy, branding, photography, copywriting. The things that make up your digital marketing wow prospective clients. 
  •   Email for follow up support for 2 weeks if you get stuck on something.  If a member of the Vet Med Labs community you can also send me a message there. 

Cost is $197.

A Day of Design and Deliberate Focus

strategy session and more

This is a day-long (7 hours) session, broken into 2-3 hour segments, and a final one hour segment. It can be a done -for-you service or a collaboration, which would be even better.   First, we’ll look at your marketing assets. Your website, your social media presence, etc., and figure out what is working for you, and where the holes are.  Cause there are holes.

Before the internet was around, we (veterinarians) had it pretty easy when it came to marketing vet services.  Find a decent area to serve, make sure to get an ad in the phone book, and depend on word of mouth. That was it. 

Fast forward to today, and especially if you are in general practice, in a small town, it takes a different strategy to market veterinary care. 

 Generally, when veterinarians aren’t getting enough attention and clients in the door, it’s because you aren’t standing out enough. We all do it, and once you see it, you can’t unsee it.  

I’ve seen veterinarians complain about low traffic, but when I look at their website, it’s quite obvious why that is the case.  It is true that some hospitals have little to no web presence. They gain visibility and attention in other ways. 

Some clinics are spending $600 a month on website services. That might not be so bad in a million dollar practice, but if you are a solo practitioner in a small town that really eats into your profitability.  This session would show you how to have that $600/month website for $15-25/ month. No lie. You have to do the work though, but a website doesn’t need lots of maintenance.  

This is also great for learning website skills and developing your eye for design, so you can quickly change things as needed down the road.   Go with a basic website to get started. If you are a startup and bootstrapping everything, to begin with, go with a basic website for 10-15 dollars, and get some decent photos.  Later you can upgrade and get fancier if you need to after you gain some traction. 

If this seems like a lot to invest, just remember that you’ll end up saving a lot of cash, that can go towards paying your staff and buying equipment, in the long run.  The strategy session above could cover the same topics, you’d just have notes on what to do, where to look, etc. rather than time invested getting your projects done, and plugging the holes in your clinic marketing strategy. 


Cost of this Session is $997

I Don’t Wanna do Nuthin’ Package

done for me

This is exactly what it sounds like- you do nothing. No decisions, no website to polish, no digital marketing strategy, no ads managed by you. For the person who says, “I just want it done for me.” 

 It’s a high touch, white glove, done for you, concierge service. You get names, phone numbers, and email addresses for those that are interested in your services. It is then up to your staff to book appointments and turn leads into clients. 

This could be a series of ads that direct traffic to a giveaway (something a potential pet owner would want), lead generation ads, or ads going to an optin form in exchange for an incentive. 

Those email addresses can then be a custom audience that you can run social media ads to. 

These can be purchased either by the Lead (I pay for the ads)

or by a monthly type retainer fee starting at $1000/month which includes some funds for monthly ad spend. (the amount dedicated to ad spend is based on what it costs to do ads here in my community. Other locations might vary in a crowded market where others are competing for ad space.)
But you get all the leads collected. They are higher quality leads because people prequalify themselves before opting in.