It has been said that there are 4 parts to businesses.  Attract prospects to your goods or services. Converting those prospects into clients. Deliver the Goods or Services. Collect the cash. AC/DC. Simple. Just those 4.  And we all get bottlenecks somewhere in that process. Not enough clients? then you have an attraction problem or a conversion problem. Too many clients to work them all in? Then you’ve got a deliverable problem. Find your weakness and fix it.   


Marketing Veterinary Care


Clarity and Clients – Marketing Strategy Session


strategy sessionGet clients to pick you?  Increase your Revenue and Income? while cutting expenses? Gain visibility with social media? Run Facebook ads? Design my website for SEO? Tell if my website is doing it’s job? Craft a marketing strategy that’s the least time consuming and most effective?

Here’s the structure for the HowDo I . . . . Strategy Session. 

  • Schedule a quick few minutes phone call to explain where you are at, where you think you are stuck, etc. also send me links to your website or the hospital name and location.   I want to see things from the perspective of a potential new client. 
  • I’ll evaluate your website, your web presence, your social media presence, maybe the websites of other area hospitals to pinpoint why you might have a lack of conversions, etc.    
  • Schedule a second phone call, say an hour long, to go over suggestions, and answer any questions you might have about your website, marketing strategy, branding, photography, copywriting. The things that make up your digital marketing wow prospective clients. 
  • We can also discuss what’s working,  or not working, in regards to how you are gaining visibility and marketing veterinary services. Google Ads? Facebook and Instagram Ads? Youtube? In office staff training?  Traditional Advertising Media? 

Cost is $197.