Marketing Veterinary Care

Marketing Veterinary Care can be a challenge in today’s consumer environment. Pet owners have lots of options when choosing care for their pet. They can go to a general practice veterinary hospital, a vaccine clinic, animal shelters, or a mobile vet that brings care to them. Vaccine clinics and animal shelters are often staffed by volunteers and accept tax-deductible donations. Meaning they can charge lower prices for similar services. 

So how does one promote services so that clients and potential new clients are persuaded to pick you? Marketing veterinary care for better care for your patients. 

First, let’s define persuasion.  Many people think of it as manipulative. Salesy or sleazy. Selling stuff to people that they don’t actually want or need.  Persuasion, in my definition, is creating the right conditions so when potential clients have a need, they think of you. top of mind awareness plus top of mind preference.  

When it comes to strategy, tactics, and tools, you need to know What to Do, Why to Do It, and How to Do It. 

Marketing Veterinary Care

And this is where we stumble. We know medicine. We can look up answers to medical questions. But we suck at marketing. Why? I think it’s because we see things through a medical mindset rather than a client mindset. 

And this is where I can help. Even if you don’t know exactly what you need, but you know the results you want (more clients, more revenue, more ease, better clients, etc) 

First of all. over the past year, I have been bookmarking helpful articles and posts inside Vet Med Labs. Topics vary from marketing and promotion, mental health and wellness, people and staff issues, and others. You have a news feed similar to Facebook (without all the political rantiness). You can message other members directly (unlike Facebook). You follow people, topics, or groups. So check it out if you are a Veterinarian or Practice Owner.   Once approved, you’ll find some helpful stuff there. 

If you are of the persuasion that you NEED HELP NOW and are wanting the problem fixed by sundown, then keep scrolling below. Maybe you prefer something more along the lines of a consultation or  hands-on help rather than a DIY solution.



Clarity and Clients Sessions. 

We’ll talk about marketing, branding, strategy . . . .basically getting clients to pick you.

What you’ve done so far, has gotten you to where you are now. If you want something different, then you need to change things up.  Maybe your website could be more persuasive. Maybe social media and/or advertising in the answer. Maybe it’s training your staff to advocate for pet care and book appointments. Maybe it’s all the above. 

It has been said that there are 4 parts to most businesses.  Attract prospects to your goods or services. Converting those prospects into clients. Deliver the Goods or Services. Collect the cash. AC/DC. Simple. Just those 4.  And we all get bottlenecks somewhere in that process. Not enough clients? then you have an attraction problem or a conversion problem. Too many clients to work them all in? Then you’ve got a deliverable problem. Find your weakness and fix it. 

Knowing what to do (clarity) shows up with a combination of coaching (guiding one to their own answers), consulting (pointing out sticking points one is often blind to) and cheerleading (someone to encourage you along and remind you that you are doing great. Keep going!) 

Marketing veterinary care


You’ll potentially cut your technology expenses and save money there as many vet clinics are losing their profitability to technology costs.  You don’t have to spend thousands on a hand-coded website with today’s page builders with a little design know how. 


strategy sessionHere’s the structure for the How Do I . . . .Strategy Session. 

  • Schedule a quick minute phone call to explain where you are at, where you think you are stuck, etc. also send me links to your website or the hospital name and location.   I want to see things from the perspective of a potential new client. 
  • I’ll evaluate your website, your web presence, your social media presence, maybe the websites of other area hospitals to pinpoint why you might have a lack of conversions, etc.    
  • Schedule a second phone call, say an hour long, to go over suggestions, and answer any questions you might have about your website, marketing strategy, branding, photography, copywriting. The things that make up your digital marketing wow prospective clients. 
  •   Email for follow up support for 2 weeks if you get stuck on something.  If a member of the Vet Med Labs community you can also send me a message there. 

Cost is $197.

A Day of Design and Deliberate Focus

strategy session and more

This is a day-long (7 hours) collaborative session of marketing strategy and execution to get your marketing system in place and moving.  It’s not a totally done for you service, but it’s a collaboration- you are doing some things, while I’m doing other things, consulting and putting them together at the end of the day. (It could also be spread out over 2 evenings rather than 2 half days.)

The reason it is all day- creative type work- writing, editing photos, design stuff takes thought and needs a quiet and uninterrupted mind. The muse has to show up, and once you find your stride and flow, it doesn’t need to be interrupted. 3 hours, break, 3 hours, break, and then a final hour to pull the day together.  

The session is designed for those wanting more than just knowing what to do, but also some hands on help and accountability to get things done and moving.  Depending on what you need, it might be finding and editing photos for your website, tweaking those photos for content marketing, SEO-ing blog posts and web pages, publishing the content to your website. 

There is nothing wrong with going with a big agency for your website needs if you want to totally hands off. Coding a site from scratch takes time.  But with page builders, you can get the functionality of an expensive site on a more budget-friendly price tag. 

This is also great for learning some website skills and developing your eye for design, so you can quickly change things as needed down the road. 

Cost of this Session is $997


I Don’t Wanna do Nuthin’ Package

done for me

This is exactly what it sounds like- you do nothing. No decisions, no website to polish, no ads managed by you. For the person who says, “I just want it done for me.” 

 It’s a high touch, white glove, done for you, concierge service. You get names, phone numbers, and email addresses for those that are interested in your services. It is then up to your staff to book appointments and turn leads into clients. 

I know what other businesses such as restaurants, lawyers, dentists, chiropractors, medical clinic pay for such a service.  But I am not sure how many leads you might receive as it may vary from location to location.  This one I’m willing to let someone try it out for a week or two. Based on the number of leads, I’ll propose a fee if you’d like to continue based on what these other professional businesses are paying for a similar service.